Second Shipment of Supplies

We recently headed back to Suva for a few days in order to arrange and buy the second shipment of supplies. Apart from the slight set-back of our rental car being stolen, we managed to get everything done in time!

The packages should be sent on a boat to the island next week. We were again able to help all 7 primary schools with items which they had specified to us that they were in need of.

Apart from Adi Maopa, the other 6 are Susui, Avea, Mavana, Maulevu, Daliconi and Cikobia. Many of these schools are very small, consisting of only around 20 pupils and some are on tiny islands off the main Vanua Balavu island. Some lost everything in Cyclone Winston and are now taking place in tents, churches, community halls or people’s houses, using whatever supplies they can.

We were able to buy:

  • 2 tins of blackboard paint
  • 7 Leaves Poetry textbooks
  • 7 Swiss Family Robinson textbooks
  • 7 Making Good textbooks
  • 7 Swiss Family Robinson activity books
  • 7 Making Good activity books
  • 2 large magnetic whiteboards
  • 2 medium magnetic whiteboards
  • 28 packs of whiteboard markers
  • 8 whiteboard dusters
  • 4 whiteboard cleaner packs
  • 4 whiteboard magnet packs
  • 1 Canon Pixma printer
  • 3 black ink cartridges 
  • 2 colour ink cartridges
  • 100 folders with metal fasteners

We’d like to send out a huge thank you again to everyone who shared and donated to our campaign. What you all made possible was amazing and seeing the supplies put to use by teachers and pupils was great. Everyone on the island is very thankful to all of you also. Before we left, we were delighted to hear the news that the New Zealand Government have decided to completely rebuild all of the schools of Vanua Balavu.

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