I never really understood the term ‘homesick’ before. I understood the idea of missing a person, but, I didn’t really consider myself the kind of person which gets sick from missing ‘home’ that much. Despite the fact I’ve moved around a bit, wherever I’ve lived; Pembrokeshire, Lancaster, Glasgow or staying in London or with Joseff’s family, they’ve all had the qualities of ‘home.’ This is something I’ve only realised in the last couple of days; that what I consider to be ‘home’ are small, familiar things which seem irrelevant until you notice they’re gone.

Now that we’ve been here a little while, the mix of excitement and anxiety has worn off a bit. Moving around constantly and finding it difficult to relate to people we meet can sometimes be hard. Don’t get me wrong, I love the new experiences and learning about different ways of life. I love the adventure, but, I’ve also learned that I do miss the mundane aspects of home. I miss being in one place, I miss chocolate, I miss my bed, my dog, my sofa. I miss TV. I miss the comfort of familiarity.

I love it hear in Wayanad, it’s so peaceful and the places we’re staying are so comfortable and interesting. One thing which surprised me was that the lack of wifi, which was at first so tranquil, triggered this feeling of homesickness. I’ve realised that something as simple, and supposedly useless, as scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing the innocuous posts had given me comfort and a sense of connection to home. This was an interesting revelation for me and has made me see my personal online activity, and the potential of social media, in a different way.

I think another thing which brought on this sudden bought of longing for ‘home’ was that whilst staying at the Jungle Retreat we became friends with a couple our age from London. Although we had seen many British people before, staying in such a small and remote place meant that we talked more. They were friendly, laid back, lovely people. Although, even with kind people, it usually takes me a while to warm to someone when I first meet them. But, in this case, suddenly finding people that were having similar thoughts to you and similar reactions to experiences was comforting. People that just understood. It’s hard to explain and I guess it just does come down to culture and communication in the end. Something so simple like being able to share a joke.

I love seeing all these new places and learning new things. And, of course, everyone we’ve met, no matter where they’re from, have been kind and valuable people. This hasn’t made me want to go home or to never travel again, it’s just made me realise what home means to me and encouraged me to value it. I’m surprised at myself, but, also glad to know and understand myself more.

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