A six month trip featuring Kerala, Australia and Fiji. An unrefined assortment of photos, videos and thoughts…

A Few Final Words

Now that this 6 month trip has come to end, I’ve been reflecting on it as a whole. I know for sure that I have really enjoyed creating this little memory bank on the internet, I hope you have enjoyed it also. I think it will be really nice to come back to in years to come.

In terms of travelling, it’s been all that I expected and more, good moments and some bad ones too. I feel a lot more confident about dealing with difficult situations and unfamiliar settings. I have a great trust in the kindness of people.

I’ve also learned a few handy travelling tips, I thought I would share my top 3:

  1. Eye masks and ear plugs are literal life (sleep) savers.
  2. Tiger Balm is a miracle, it will stop bites itching, clear a blocked nose in minutes and soothe a sore head.
  3. Always having some kind of sweets tucked away can really help if you get a sudden bought of sadness/homesickness.

However, many of the things which come to my head can’t really be sorted into neat lists. I know that a lot of young people go travelling in the hope that they will have some great epiphany about the meaning of their life or which path to take. To be honest, I was kind of wishing this would happen for me.

From my experience, travelling won’t sort out all your problems, but it may make you realise that perhaps your problems and concerns aren’t that much of a big deal after all. In a funny way, travelling has made me ‘un-learn’ a lot of stuff rather than find any big answers. It gives you a lot of perspective and time to consider what’s really important. You get to know about new cultures and ways of life, and you also get to know yourself a lot more too.

I know that I want travelling to be a big part go my life, there’s so much more to see and experience… and I can’t wait for it.