Sydney is our last stop in Australia. It’s sunny, bustling and green. We met up with my brother Tom and his girlfriend Harriet. We spent time around the touristy harbour, seeing all the well-known sights and getting the ferry over to Manly Beach. We also watched a Rugby League game, Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs!

My brother and I were re-visiting Sydney as we had come here as a family 20 years ago! I got my mum to dig out this old photo for us to re-create. Neither of us remember the holiday much so it was good to make new memories.


Now my wrist is almost back to full strength I’ve had my camera back out to take some lovely holiday snaps. Celebrations were aplenty as we had a birthday brunch for Harriet on Easter weekend and Joseff and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary a few days after.

It’s been a relaxing, easy break in Australia and we’ve really enjoyed the chill vibe and discovering this country’s past.

Now we’re ready for the next adventure.























Panoramas of Jervis Bay

The best place to recover is by the sea, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the few days we’ve been staying at Currarong. We’ve spent our time visiting the numerous white beaches of Jervis Bay. Dodging the autumnal showers, we drove around enjoying the views and picnic spots. The beaches were scattered with beautiful, big shells and the dry, white sand would squeak beneath your feet! The ginormous pelicans were definitely a highlight!

We enjoyed eating fresh fish and chips and also discovering kiwi berries in the supermarket!

Now typing with two hands, my wrist is progressing back to normal each day. However, I still haven’t been able to hold my big camera without pain. So, we’ve been making the most of the spectacular bays by taking these panoramas on my iPhone:

Arriving at Currarong after the drive down from the Blue Mountains, which included going along Megalong Road and down and up Kangaroo Valley!

A cloudy walk along Callala Beach on our first full day.

Golden Sunset at Currarong.

Good picnic spot.

Joseff out on the rocks.

Stream on Currarong.

Rainbow Sunset Panorama fun!

Our last day, spent on Hyams Beach.


I don’t think we could have arrived somewhere more different to Kerala than Melbourne. We stayed in the suburbs of Elwood where everything was pristinely clean, modern and not broken. The roads were flat and straight, with trees that have been cut to grow either side of the telegraph poles and cables. The modernist design of the houses continued into the sky-scraper city centre on the horizon, which we reached via tram. We found Melbourne to be multicultural, arty and chique with a pretty chill vibe.

Something that wasn’t so chill was that, on our first day, the pavement tripped me up. I managed to attain a badly sprained wrist and have ended up with my left arm in a sling. You’d be really surprised at how many things you need two hands for. This made me super sad because 1- it hurt and 2- (more importantly) I haven’t been able to use my camera. Also, I’m about 100 times slower at typing. Due to these factors, this post may be a little subpar, sorry.

Anyway, something that definitely wasn’t subpar was Melbourne. We enjoyed; a rugby match, late night possum sightings, beaches, eating meat, shopping, moomba festival, weird bird spotting, milkshakes and tap water. Here are some iPhone photos from the few days that we spent here.